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Everyone looks for a career with purpose and meaning. Working at Gentleman Orthopedic Solutions - Arthrex, Inc. provides you with the purpose of a lifetime: Helping surgeons treat their patients better.

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We are a dynamic organization made up of highly competitive, self-starters that never back down from a challenge. At the heart of Gentleman Orthopedics is a results-oriented professional that craves knowledge and strives for continual growth. We excel at molding new sales associates into the best-trained representatives in the orthopedic industry. The right candidate has 2 to 4-years of proven success in a competitive field, and the capacity to develop the required skills to become an expert advisor in the operating room.


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What Is An Arthrex Consultant?

Arthrex Technology Consultants use evidence-based information to EDUCATE customers on the safe and effective use of our products and procedures, and CHALLENGE their way of delivering value through improved treatment and patient outcomes. They INSPIRE the adoption of new technology to help surgeons treat their patients better.


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Associate Sales Rep

Interviewing candidates for full time positions available in Memphis, TN. and Paducah, KY. Assist in all aspects of the sale in your territory while interacting with both staff and surgeons. Advancement opportunity is available. 


Arthrex Sales Representative Training & Mentorship

Having a satisfying and lucrative career as a sales and technology consultant is absolutely possible if it is seen as an educational journey. Success requires more than just having world-class products. Gentleman Orthopedics will be with you every step of the way with all the professional development resources you will need.

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Your first step begins with an intensive induction program. While learning Arthrex’s extensive product offerings, special focus will be on understanding the appropriate anatomy and biomechanics that constitute the field of orthopedics. In time, the Senior Technology Consultant you are entrusted with will start to feel comfortable in your knowledge.




The next challenge will begin in the operating room. There, your mentor will guide you in assisting surgeons and staff in the safe and effective use of our products. After a minimum of 6 months in the operating room, your instruction will continue with a rigorous and accelerated week-long schooling at Arthrex’s corporate facility in Naples, FL.

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Expertise will be a goal of your vocation, and all along the way our mission will be uncommonly clear: “To help surgeons treat their patients better.” Following thousands of surgeries and study hours, dozens of assessment tests and surgeon education labs, you will gain certification as an Arthrex Technology Consultant. Of course, your education and professional development won’t end, which is exactly what makes this company’s salesforce preeminent in the industry.