Over the past 6 years we have grown from a company of 10, to a team of 30 talented sales and support consultants. We proudly represent Arthrex throughout Western Tennessee, Northern Mississippi, and Southern Kentucky

Our Culture

"We at Gentleman Ortho use our resources to create a secure environment that fosters learning, laughter, love, humility, and mutual respect.  We protect and value integrity while facilitating the success of our employees"

Our Values

  1. Customers First – Always have the customers needs above all else. We are here to help surgeons treat their patients better. The only way to do this is to provide excellent service and knowledge.

  2. Exude Passion – We truly have the best job in the world. We want our employees to exude this passion, drive, and excitement for their job every day in everything they do.

  3. Innovate, Educated, Inspire – At the heart of Gentleman Ortho and Arthrex is a determination to produce innovative solutions, have the most knowledgeable consultants to help educate customers, and inspire quality.

  4. Foster Teamwork – Our success is not built off of the back of one horse, but an empire of team players.

  5. GO Above & Beyond – In everything we do, strive to be the best.

Our Mission

Our team of highly skilled professionals is dedicated to one mission:

Helping surgeons treat their patients better through medical education, technical expertise, integrity, and trust. 

Gentleman Orthopedic Solutions’ state-of-the-art surgical training center has helped many local surgeons become more proficient with the latest advances in less-invasive orthopedic surgery. Our multi-station surgical training lab is located in Memphis, TN. Arthrex corporate medical education facility is located in Naples, Florida and hosts our customers and specialists for advanced training in the efficiency and safety of our products.

Our State-of-the-Art Facility

achilles repair.jpg

What Is An Arthrex Consultant?

Arthrex Technology Consultants use evidence-based information to EDUCATE customers on the safe and effective use of our products and procedures, and CHALLENGE their way of delivering value through improved treatment and patient outcomes. They INSPIRE the adoption of new technology to help surgeons treat their patients better.